Here you will find the musings of a jewellery designer.  When one works alone with only two dogs for colleagues, one tends to rabble on.   Enjoy the read and please leave your comments...

From Ugly Duckling to Graceful Swan.

She Said Yesss!!

Once again Art925 Edelsmederij are to be found in our usual spot at the Zilverdag, Schoonhoven during 2nd Pinksterdag

Art925 Edelsmederij proudly participate in MAJOR exhibition in North Yorkshire in response to the effects of global warming and climate change, read more...

Classic contemporary handmade jewellery created from recycled silver and gold. 

Elegantly styled, inspired by nature, forged with love.

Handmade Jewellery that doesn't cost the earth.

 Art925 Edelsmederij

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